Foundations, corporations, and individual partners are coming together to ensure the safety, rights, and well-being of our LGBTQ+ family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates in South Florida.

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Last year, the Trevor Project reported that 42% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously contemplated suicide, and 75% experienced discrimination. These numbers are startling and call upon us to step up and care for this important part of our community. Our first round of grants focuses on organizations that provide critical mental health resources, safe spaces, and support for LGBTQ+ youth.

Gifts of all sizes matter and we encourage you to join us in supporting them through their direct donation links. We also believe in the power of collaborative giving and encourage you to join the collaborative LGBTQ+ Equity Fund here.

The Alliance for LGBTQ Youth provides mental health and care coordination services, leadership development, and policy advocacy that centers the lives and experiences of LGBTQ youth in South Florida.

FOO Society provides a growing network of support for LGBTQ+ youth in South Miami-Dade County through volunteer opportunities, counseling, and emergency resources such as housing, mental health services, and employment support.

NVEEE provides mental health support, financial relief, transportation, food, temporary crisis shelter, and ongoing support and affinity spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in Miami-Dade County through a robust peer mentoring and community service model.

Uniting people who are LGBTQ+ with families, friends, and allies, PFLAG South Miami, a chapter of the national organization, is committed to advancing equality through its mission of support, education, and advocacy.

Pridelines supports, educates, and empowers South Florida’s LGBTQ youth and community in safe and diverse spaces to promote dialogue, wellness, and to foster social change.

Safe Schools South Florida is missioned to create safer schools so all students can learn and thrive, regardless of the sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression of students or their guardians.

S.O.U.L Sisters Leadership Collective provides a powerful community of mentors, organizers, activists, educators, and healers to support youth blossoming into leaders with political and self-awareness, creative problem-solving skills, and strong ethics.

SunServe provides critical life assistance to economically disadvantaged LGBTQ individuals in South Florida, including mental health services, support groups, case management, and leadership development for youth.

YES Institute‘s mission is to prevent suicide and ensure the healthy development of all youth through powerful communication and education on gender and orientation.

If you have a suggestion for additional organizations for this collaborative to consider, we would love to hear from you and ask that you please reach out to us here.

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations

In addition to the grant partners above, there are numerous nonprofits strengthening the LGBTQ+ community in South Florida. We look forward to continued investment in these organizations and encourage you to consider supporting them as well. The list of LGBTQ+ organizations that raised funds on Give Miami Day can be found here.

If you have a suggestion for additional organizations for this collaborative to consider, we would love to hear from you and ask that you please reach out to us here.

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LGBTQ+ Equity Fund Heart


The LGBTQ+ Equity Fund is a philanthropic collaboration led by Our Fund Foundation, the National LGBTQ Task Force, The Miami Foundation, in partnership with numerous other allies, champions, and supporters without whom this initiative would not have been possible.

Our Fund Foundation promotes a culture of responsible philanthropy by uniting donors with organizations supporting the LGBT community to make South Florida the most livable community in the country for LGBT people.

The National LGBTQ Task Force advances full freedom, justice, and equality for LGBTQ people and is building a future where everyone can be free to be their entire selves in every aspect of their lives.

The Miami Foundation builds the philanthropic, civic, and leadership backbone for a stronger, more equitable, more resilient Greater Miami. They have been a strong supporter of the diverse communities that make South Florida the vibrant region it is, including the LGBTQ+ community through a decades-long and growing collaboration with the National LGBTQ Task Force, and more.

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If you have any questions or press inquiries for the LGBTQ+ Equity Fund, please reach out here. If you are interested in helping support this effort or are an organization working on this issue area, please reach out here.

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